Monday, March 19, 2007

Perfect World Character Creation and Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of some of the characters. You can pick from 3 races: human, winged (angel?), and animal. The human race allows you to be a fighter and mage. The winged race allows you to be an archer or priest. The male animal race is a fighter that can supposedly transform. The female animal race is mage that's suppose to summon.

There's a lot of customization for all of the characters. You can change the body proportions, facial structure, hair, eyes, and skin color, and there's even makeup for the eyes. Customization is similar to City of Heroes/Villains because of the number of options you have.

The animal race is a bit different because you can select the type of animal you want to be. For example, a tiger, wolf, panda, etc... for males. Fox, bunny, reindeer, etc... for the females.

The winged race has an unique skill that allows them to fly. Flying isn't that fast but you can reach higher areas or get out of danger.

You can still attack while flying but if the monster can't attack you then it'll regenerate HP.

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