Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mounts in Perfect World

In Perfect World you can ride different types of mounts. Mounts range from animals to mythical beasts. You can even let your mounts ride mounts. Here are some screenshots that I found of mounts.

Images Copyrighted by Beijing Perfect World Co., Ltd


Ana said...

xD Oh, the white tiger on the bottom isn't a mount, that's a user, if a player creates a Barbarian as his character, at level 9 he can turn into a tiger, and males can carry other players, leading to looking like a mount. But it's not a mount, that's a user.=P

sraeo said...

Ana's right. The white tigers are werebeasts (or barbarians, depending on which version you're playing), and are people. Just like the werefoxes (venomancers) can turn into foxes, the werebeasts can turn into tigers. If a girl is being carried by a werebeast and he's a tiger, it looks like she's riding him.